Technical Update

In the last time I worked in the background of the website and the server. Thanks to virtual hosts and the change to CNAME DNS entries, the site is now completely functional (you couldn’t visit older pages before). You might also experience speed improvements while loading pictures (depends on your connection).

So far from the technical site, you can expect more of the ‘normal’ posts in the next time, including one last past from my journey.

Heading Home + Jaipur IV

01.10.2012, Ranakpur

I got up early and started scouting for birds. I had about half an hour until the sun would have climbed above the hills to give me some good light and I could start shooting. Scouting went well, but I wasn’t really successful with the shooting, but well, I didn’t worry too much about it, nothing pushed me, I just wanted to relax a bit. After a while I went back to my room and took a little nap, as I just had some time to kill. A while later I was woken up by a knock on my door, it was one guy from the Forest Office staff, who wanted to collect the entry fees for yesterdays forest visit. A little background info about that: Continue reading

The big dissapointment

30.09.2012, Ranakpur

Once again, my day started early and after a bad night I had still a slight headache. It was 7:30am when I met the guide and had breakfast: cornflakes with milk and Ibuprofen. We started one hour later to begin our tour, the plan, as I remembered: 5km to a lake, taking pictures all day, returning in the evening. Continue reading

A not so busy day

29.09.2012, Ranakpur

5:30am: it was time to start the day. I calmly packed my stuff, took a nap for a few minutes and went down to the forest office. It was early to get breakfast at the hotel, but well, I quickly bought a few more cookies. I had already noticed it when I woke up, but it got more intensive now: headache. It seems like my body isn’t used to getting up early anymore. Communication was a bit complicated again and I wasn’t sure if I could make clear what I really wanted. We agreed that they will to the 3km tour with me at the beginning, while they called another guy, okay. Continue reading

Temple Time

28.09.2012, Ranakpur

Well, getting up at around 6am was maybe a bit optimistic. With a little delay of 3hours I started my day, stepped out of the hotel building and walked around the area. I heard quite a few peacocks, but still wasn’t successful to get a shot. Instead I was able to get quite a few good shots of dragonflies, I even saw two of them mating, but respected their privacy (or in other words: I was to slow to capture it). I was shooting around for an hour and had breakfast afterwards. Unfortunately I had a problem again with my tele lens, the same one why I sent it in for service. Shooting is nearly impossible now; though that’s the lens I really need here. Let’s see, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Continue reading

My next week

It’s my last week in India now and there was one thing, that we missed while traveling around Rajasthan: The Jain Temples in Ranakpur. Ranakpur is 3hours north of Udaipur if you take the bus and usually tourist groups stop here for two hours when they go from Jodhpur to Udaipur or vice versa. Ranakpur itself is said to be just a village, with a few very expensive hotels, and 1-2 budget options. The Temples (there is one major one and two smaller ones) are said to be surrounded by forest/jungle and are made of marble. Tourists I spoke with a while ago in Udaipur told me it would be in the same league as the Taj Mahal. Well, I don’t expect too much, but it really sounds interesting. Continue reading

Tim alone in India

26.09.2012, Delhi

I woke up one hour before the alarm went on (rare event) and started packing my bag, taking a shower, usual stuff. I relaxed a bit, looked a bit through the travel guides and had breakfast. I checked out and left my bag there. Plan for today: lingering around a little bit and resting in the hotel, curing the cold, updating the blog. I didn’t really felt fit but somehow…I spent all day shopping. I didn’t really spend money, but I was still looking for that one tie that looked like the one in Jaipur and later I had the idea that I could buy some cufflinks that would fit to it. I never thought that I would spend much time running from jewelry shop to jewelry shop, but only a few had cufflinks. From those, only a few had some that I liked and those were quite expensive, but well, real silver + stone… I will probably look again when I am in Jaipur. Continue reading

Back to the Capital

25.09.2012, Delhi

We woke up around noon and after freshening up we went to the restaurant on top to get some breakfast. Right before I visited the next pharmacy to get a few more pills that I couldn’t get in Jaipur, so welcome again: antibiotics, painkillers, lactic acid bacillus and friends… 😉 But I really wanted to make sure that I get fit again, losing one more week isn’t really an option. Continue reading

Shopping in Jaipur

22.09.2012, Jaipur

Our hotel was good, spotless rooms, very friendly staff and they also provided us a good city map where they explained us the important sights and spots. After a good breakfast, we started our tour.

For the first half of the day, shopping meant for me: spending my time at the train station, buying a few tickets. Which sounds easy in Germany or in other parts of the world can be incredibly time consuming in India, one Indian I met there also agreed on that. I was lucky, as I got the last two tickets for the train which should take us from Jaipur to Delhi, thanks to the tourist quota (special seat reservations for foreign tourists). Continue reading

Jaipur III

21.09.2012, Pushkar

We weren’t the first one’s being awake

Yesterday we visited the Saraswati Temple at sunset, now we wanted to visit another temple at sunrise, Pap Mochani Temple, which was a bit closer to the city and could be reached by a 30minutes hike.

Of course we left a while after sunrise; everything else would have been too early. 😉 Most of the city was still sleeping, only a few shops were already open. During ascend we even saw some peacocks, we continued as we wanted to reach the summit first, I could do some photography later. Bad luck, that we never saw them again. We reached the Temple, and besides two other people we were the only visitors at that time. I made a few pictures and after a while we made our way back to the hotel. We still had some time until we had to check out and so we took a little nap. Continue reading