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The Jain Temple in Ranakpur

Often considered as on par to the Taj Mahal is the less famous Jain Temple in Ranakpur. It’s hard to even label Ranakpur a village, it appears to be not much more than a bus stop with a kiosk and a hotel, all set in a beautiful valley surrounded by forest.

View of the Temple, as seen next from the hotel

The temple is still in active use, so tourists are only allowed to visit after noon. Like the Taj Mahal it is made of marble which is richly carved.

Inner part of the temple
Detail of the ceiling

There are 1444 pillars, and each of them is carved differently.


In addition to the main temple there are some smaller temples around Ranakpur.

Smaller Temple next to Ranakpur

Faces of Delhi

Bored shopkeeper at Meena Bazaar (inside the Red Fort) offering jewellery:


Old street vendor at Chadni Chowk, selling food:
Man at the Cycle Market at Chadni Chowk fixing a rim:
Man outside of Jama Masjid, staring at the mosque:

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